Blair Road Community Garden

Blair Road Community Garden is one of the largest community gardens in DC, clocking in at over 5 acres all together!  The garden is on busy Blair Road, but slopes down a hill toward the train tracks with all sorts of zigs and zags.  Blair Road gardeners say the spot is “relaxing and quiet”, and once you get down into the garden you barely hear the traffic.  The garden is divided into plots approximately 25′ x 25′, however many are irregularly shaped and over time some have merged into double-plots while others have split into half-plots.  Annual fees apply for these plots based on their size, and covers water from the hose spigots which are installed throughout the garden.

The garden is managed by an elected manager, along with 4 section leaders, a treasurer, and a secretary.  Together, this committee of leaders works to enforce the garden rules and procure temporary use permits from the National Park Service – Rock Creek Park, whose jurisdiction this garden is under.  One of the main rules of National Park Service community gardens is that gardeners are only allowed to use organic methods to grow their vegetables, herbs, and fruit.  Gardeners are also expected to pick up trash throughout the garden, and to maintain the wood-chip pathways adjacent to their plots.  Gardeners receive a full list of rules when they get their annual permits.

The garden has been in operation for at least 40 years, and there is always some annual turnover of plots.  If you’d like more information, please contact Section Leader Mark Perry at

The Blair Road community garden also has its own blog here:

Photo credit: Bea Trickett