Fort Dupont Community Garden

Fort Dupont Community Garden is DC’s largest community garden.  It is located in the middle of Fort Dupont National Park, in Ward 7 at Ft. Dupont Drive & Ft. Davis Drive SE, and is under jurisdiction of the National Park Service.  Plots measure 20′x25′ and there are approximately 220 garden plots in total.  The Park Service provides a list of rules to gardeners, mainly that they must use only organic practices in tending their gardens.

In recent years, this garden has seen underutilization of its plots with many laying fallow throughout the growing season.  The entire garden sits on a significant slope, so there are drainage issues that need to be addressed.  The garden has hose spigots throughout the garden, as well as community composting areas recently added in 2009.  There is a supply of horse manure mixed with sawdust as well as wood chips dropped off by Park Service maintenance.  Some individual gardeners have put up home-made fencing to deter deer.  There is no public transportation to the garden, which makes it difficult to maintain a plot unless you own a car.  The garden is largely comprised of seniors who have been gardening there over 20 years, and gardeners responded that they had not seen a lot of changes in recent years either in the garden or the gardeners.

However, new management practices took effect in 2010, and the garden seems to be thriving again.  The contact person is Kevin F. Barry, who can be reached at 202 426-7723.

More information can be found on the Fort Dupont community gardens website.

Photo credit: Eugene Kim

Updated: 1/21/11