Fort Stanton Community Garden

Fort Stanton Community Garden is located on a vacant lot near Fort Stanton Park, in the 1700 block of Gainesville St SE.  The garden is operated by the Fort Stanton Civic Association and Addie Cooke is the president.  Ms Cooke said the legal owner of the land has long been unclear, and the Association has tried repeatedly, yet unsuccessfully to get proper permission to use the plot of land as the community garden.  However, the garden has been in existence the better part of  a decade.  When we visited in Autumn of 2009, we were dismayed to see a For Sale sign on the lot – however, and after several follow-up calls to the realtor, we were still unable to uncover any additional information.

The garden consists of 12 plots, surrounded by a chain link fence with some picnic tables at an adjacent lot.  The garden is organic and doesn’t permit dogs or children under 10.  If you want to get a plot or find out more info on the garden’s status, please call Ms Cooke at 202 889-6729.

Photo credit: Eugene Kim