Glover-Archbald Community Garden

Glover-Archbald Community Garden is one of DC’s largest community gardens, almost 3 acres in total!  It’s situated on National Park Service land in Glover-Archbald Park, under Rock Creek Park jurisdiction.  Gardeners are required to garden organically and follow other rules given by the NPS and the Glover Park Community Garden Association (GPCGA).  The park is located at 42nd St & New Mexico Ave NW in Ward 3.

The garden is laid out on a rough grid system of roughly 150 plots each about 25′x25′ in size – however, the entire garden is on a fairly significant hill.  The Glover-Archbald community garden keeps up a communal tool shed and community composting area, has picnic tables and logs for seating, and most of the gardens have been enclosed by do-it-yourself fencing due to deer damage of vegetable plants.

Garden manager elections are held each year, and the current contact is Dino Kraniotis.  There are currently over 70 names on the waiting list for plots at this garden, but if you wish to be added, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to GPCGA, 4122 Edmunds St. NW, WDC 20007.

Photo credit: Bea Trickett and Xi Wang