Hill East Community Garden

Hill East Community Garden is part of the Capitol Hill Community Garden Land Trust.  The garden is located in an alley between C and D, and 17th and 18th streets, SE.  There are 36 plots, each 4′x12′ which are raised beds with wood chip walkways in between.

The garden is surrounded by a tall fence, and offers gardeners use of communal wheel barrows, tools, and watering cans.  There is no running water on site, but board members take turns filling the system of connected 55-gallon drums with water from their garden hoses run across the alley.  Garden membership dues help to offset the cost of the water bill!

The Hill East Community Garden website outlines their procedure for getting a garden plot, a process which usually takes about a year from the time you apply; plot renewals for existing gardeners occur in February.  Some gardeners come from as far as NW DC or even Virginia, but the board members give priority to Capitol Hill neighbors.  Hill East Community Garden operates as its own 501(c)3 within the umbrella of the Capital Hil Land Trust.  Hill East Garden bylaws create 5 board members with 2 year terms, and elections are held in January or February.  New members receive a membership packet, including the rules for using the drip irrigation, liability insurance, height restrictions on plants and trellises, et cetera.  The Hill East Garden is all organic.

For more information, Hill East Community Garden board members can be contacted at board@hilleastgarden.org

Visit the Hill East Garden’s website here!

Photo credit: Vrinda Manglik