Kalorama Community Garden

Kalorama Community Garden is located in Kalorama Park, near the convergence of 19th St NW, Columbia Rd NW, and Kalorama Rd NW in Ward 1. The parkland is under jurisdiction of DC Department of Parks and Recreation, and the garden is adjacent to Kalorama Rec Center.  The garden contains 19 plots, each about 8′x11′.

The Kalorama Garden set its own guidelines as well as being subject to DPR garden rules, which includes that all gardeners must use organic growing techniques.  The garden guidelines stress respect, consideration, and common sense in dealing with other members of the garden – for instance, planning your garden layout so that you’re not blocking the sun from other gardeners’ plots, and helping out with communal maintenance and cleanup projects.  Another rule is that at least half your plot must be filled with edible plants, not including herbs.  The rules say, “One objective of participating in the Kalorama Community Garden is to help our community offset rising food costs and become good vegetable farmers.”  You have to live within the community to get a plot.

There is also a 5-year limit on all plots. This allows other members of the community to get a plot. If you move out of the community, you must let us know and give up your plot. If you move during the planting season, you will be allowed to stay until the end of that growing season.  Plots are assigned annually by lottery, please contact garden co-coordinators Carole Grunberg & Chris Otten at kaloramacommunitygarden@gmail.com

Photo credit: Lolly Walsh