King’s Court Community Garden

King’s Court Community Garden is 12 years old, and is located in the King’s Ct. alley – between 200 block of 14th St and 15th St. SE, in Ward 6.  King’s Court is the original member of the Capitol Hill Community Garden Land Trust, whose mission is to create, acquire, own, preserve, manage and sustain community garden areas, principally in Capitol Hill, Washington DC.  The Trust currently holds leases to or owns three of DC’s community gardens, and helps garden managers in Capitol Hill gardens coordinate their efforts.

King’s Court garden is laid out with various sizes and shapes of raised bed plots, they range in size from about 20′ x 4′ to 40′ x 4′ (with longtime gardeners holding larger plots); altogether there are 32 plots.  The garden is a 501(c)3 organization, and holds annual board meetings in addition to general meetings 6 times per year.

The garden runs a hose through the alley from neighbor and pays his water bill through gardener member dues.  There is a new drip irrigation and rainwater catchment system in place also purchased from these fees.  The garden also has a tool shed with communal tools, compost tumblers, and is surrounded by a tall fence.

Pat Taylor heads the board of the King’s Court Community Garden, and the CHCGLT, and can be reached at

Photo credit: Vrinda Manglik