Mamie D. Lee Community Garden

The Mamie D. Lee Community Garden is one of the bigger gardens in DC, almost 1.5 acres in total.  It’s been in existence over 30 years, on land overseen by the National Park Service – Rock Creek Park.  The garden is located in Ward 5, next to the Mamie D. Lee School which is at 100 Gallatin St NE.

The Mamie D. Lee garden is laid out in a grid, and has 68 full-plots (25′x25′) and 12 half-plots (12.5′x25′). Garden amenities include a community toolshed, community composting area, piles of woodchips, water hose spigots, and a table.  Gardeners are required to use only organic methods and to grow at least 95% edible plants.  Other rules also apply, and are enforced by a garden manager, an executive committee, and row captains.

There are a few people on the waiting list, and the MDL Garden Manager can be contacted at

Photo credit: Bea Trickett and Jamie Moorby