Melvin Hazen Community Garden

The Melvin Hazen Community Garden is located on Sedgwick Avenue just west of Connecticut Ave NW in Ward 3 on land belonging to Rock Creek Park.  The garden features 103 plots, each about 200 square feet.  In early 2009, Melvin Hazen gardeners extended their chain link fence to 8′ tall to keep deer out of the garden and were reported to have been very effective. However, a gardener said [in 2009], “rabbits have become the new problem!

Twice-annual meetings of all gardeners are held as well as a picnic and fall garden cleanup.  The Board of Directors is elected and includes president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and three members-at-large. Garden inspections are conducted routinely by the “Weed Police” to make sure gardeners are taking care of their plots.  There is a three strike notice system in place for offenders who violate rules, but there are seldom repeat offenders!

There is currently a long wait list for plots because availability is dependent upon the resignation of existing gardeners.  Please contact Karin Adams (Garden President) at 202.244.3140 or Loretta Castaldi (Secretary/membership) at for additional information.

You can also visit the garden’s website here:

Photo credit: Xi Wang