Twin Oaks Community Garden

Twin Oaks Community Garden, operated by DC Department of Parks and Recreation, is a site formerly utilized as a youth garden which (due to budget cuts for youth programming) is currently being offered to community members as a regular community garden.  The garden is split into the “north side” and the “south side”, divided between by Taylor Street – and adjacent to 14th St NW, in Ward 4.

Twin Oaks Community Garden has about 45 plots each 10′x12′ and altogether encompasses almost 3/4 of an acre.  The garden has a tall fence around it so has no problems with deer or passersby helping themselves to produce, however it faces problems with squirrels eating some of the harvest!  The site has a garden hose and a tool shed on each half of the garden, and the south side also has a covered picnic pavilion for gardeners to relax in.  There is a small but recently not maintained greenhouse on the site as well, however it’s located under tall trees and gets little direct sun.

One gardener said, “We have community wide meetings, only a few a year and try to have a garden potluck/picnic to get folks to meet. With small plots and not too many gardeners, it’s actually hard to run into many of your fellow gardeners on any given day.  But actually the lack of formal structure is something that makes many gardeners happy – this garden attracts people who want to relax when tending their plots, many do it on the way home and enjoy chatting up fellow gardeners while in the garden.  The nonformal, flexible nature of the garden draws perhaps a different crowd than a garden with very strict rules.”

All plots are currently full and there is a wait list of about 10 names.  Contact Kelly Melsted at to get on the list, any plots that are not renewed each year are offered up to folks on the waitlist, in first-come, first-served order.

Photo credit: Xi Wang