Virginia Ave Community Garden

The Virginia Ave Community Garden is located in Ward 6, in Virginia Ave. Park, at 9th Street and L Street SE.  Visit the website for Virginia Ave Park here. Virginia Ave. is currently under threat of development by the U.S. Marine Corps leaving it’s future uncertain. You can help by signing the petition here.

The garden is large, almost half an acre in all, with 40 plots which come in three different sizes (12′X3.5′; 20′X3.5′; or 10′X10′).  Gardeners pay a fee of .50/sq ft.  The garden is laid out mostly in a grid, and is surrounded by a chain-link fence.  A lot of gardeners have built raised beds in their plots.

Virginia Ave does maintain a waiting list of interested gardeners, with people waiting about 2 years on average.  Please contact Jennifer Lancaster (Membership Coordinator) at for further information.

Photo credit: Vrinda Manglik