West End Community Garden

West End Community Garden has been around for about 25 years.  It is located at the back of a field near the corner at 25th and N Streets NW, adjacent to the Francis Recreation Center.  The garden is long and skinny, backing up against a wooded trail.  There are about 20 plots, either sized 10′x25′ or 5′x25′.  The garden is surrounded by a short fence.  There is no running water at West End Garden, and so gardeners have set up a series of various types of rain barrel to harvest rainwater.  This ranges from large trash cans and 55-gallon drums that you dip watering cans into, to elevated barrels with hose spigots.  The garden also offers a small communal toolshed and a couple of wheelbarrows.

All plots are currently in use and there is a 30-person waiting list.  West End Garden has little structure in terms of management, but is managed by Mr. Kevin Platte who maintains the waiting list and organizes garden cleanups twice a year.  He can be reached at kevinplattewdc@yahoo.com.

Photo credit: Lolly Walsh and Bea Trickett