Whitehaven Community Garden

Whitehaven Community Garden is located in the middle of the woods off a trail near 40th & W Sts NW, in Ward 3.  It sits in the middle of Whitehaven Parkway Park, which is under jurisdiction of Rock Creek Park.  Whitehaven garden has 50 plots of irregular shapes and sizes due to the battle gardeners seem to face against the encroaching woods and ivy which now shade what used to be more garden plots.  Altogether, the garden covers an acre.  Gardeners have laid down cardboard as an organic mulch to control weeds in their pathways.  The garden has multiple community composting areas and certain garden tools for communal use.

There is a waiting list of 25 people with an average wait of two years.  Garden manager Matthew Riley can be reached at whitehaven.garden@gmail.com

Photo credit: Xi Wang