How it Works

  • You’ll be provided with a 7-gallon, lidded, lockable compost bin
  • You’ll gather all your food scraps and toss them directly into the bin.  If it’s on your plate, it goes in the bin–bones, meat, egg shells,etc.–you name it.
  • No Plastic Lining and No Plastic Contamination
  • Once a week, on the assigned day, you’ll put your bin out on your porch or in your yard or by your front door
  • Once a week, Veteran Compost will swap out that bin for a clean one of the same–a 7-gallon. lidded, lockable compost bin
  • We’ll take your food scraps to Whitehall Farm in Clifton, VA where they will become a key ingredient in some of the best stuff on earth–Veteran Compost’s organic compost and vermicompost.
  • Twice annually, you’ll receive one 20 lb. bag of organic, Veteran Compost compost, OR
  • You may choose to donate that bag of organic, Veteran Compost compost to a local community garden

As a member of this program, the cost of the service to your household will be just $29/month.