Where it Goes

Shipley Community Garden

Created in 2010, Shipley Community Garden is located 23rd and Savannah St. SE in Ward 8. It is located in a small adjacent to the... Read More

Fort Stanton Community Garden

Fort Stanton Community Garden is located on a vacant lot near Fort Stanton Park, in the 1700 block of Gainesville St SE.  The garden is... Read More

Lederer Youth Garden

Lederer Youth Garden is located in Ward 7 at 4801 Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE.  The garden is a program of DC Department of Parks... Read More

Kingman Park-Rosedale Community Garden

The Kingman Park-Rosedale Community Garden was established in 2005 to provide the Kingman Park and Rosedale neighborhoods of Northeast Washington D.C. with a welcoming space... Read More

Fort Dupont Community Garden

Fort Dupont Community Garden is DC’s largest community garden.  It is located in the middle of Fort Dupont National Park, in Ward 7 at Ft.... Read More

Wylie Street Community Garden

Wylie Street Community Garden was built on a vacant lot is located at the corner of 13th and Wylie Street NE (one block north of... Read More

Waterside St. Community Garden

The Waterside Community Garden is a small garden at the corner of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, on the Southwest Waterfront, located at 600 M St, SW. ... Read More

Virginia Ave Community Garden

The Virginia Ave Community Garden is located in Ward 6, in Virginia Ave. Park, at 9th Street and L Street SE.  Visit the website for Virginia... Read More

Pomegranate Alley Community Garden

Pomegranate Alley Community Garden is located in an alley behind Ginkgo Gardens, in Ward 6 at 911 11th Street SE.  The average plot size is 10′X10′... Read More

Lovejoy Community Garden

Lovejoy Community Garden sits on E Street NE between 11th and 12th, on land overseen by DC Parks and Recreation, at the now closed Lovejoy... Read More

King’s Court Community Garden

King’s Court Community Garden is 12 years old, and is located in the King’s Ct. alley – between 200 block of 14th St and 15th... Read More

Hilton Community Garden

Hilton Community Garden is located in Ward 6, at about 210 6th St NE.  There are 44 plots, each about 70 square feet.  There is... Read More

Hill East Community Garden

Hill East Community Garden is part of the Capitol Hill Community Garden Land Trust.  The garden is located in an alley between C and D,... Read More

SEED Community Garden

SEED Community Garden is located  between 17th, 18th, E St. and D st. SE Washington D.C. in Ward 6. It consists of 44 raised beds... Read More

Green East Community Garden

The Green East Community Garden is the newest garden to become part of the Capitol Hill Community Garden Land Trust, opening in 2009. The garden... Read More

Washington Youth Garden

Founded in 1971, the Washington Youth Garden at the U.S. National Arboretum provides a unique, year-round environmental science and food education program for D.C. youth... Read More

Montana Community Garden

Montana Community Garden is located at 17th St and Montana Ave NE in Ward 5.  A sign at the garden says it is courtesy of... Read More

Mamie D. Lee Community Garden

The Mamie D. Lee Community Garden is one of the bigger gardens in DC, almost 1.5 acres in total.  It’s been in existence over 30... Read More

Twin Oaks Community Garden

Twin Oaks Community Garden, operated by DC Department of Parks and Recreation, is a site formerly utilized as a youth garden which (due to budget... Read More

Takoma Recreation Center Garden

Takoma Recreation Center Garden is located at the Takoma Rec Center in Ward 4, 300 Van Buren St. NW.  The garden is small, surrounded by... Read More

Rock Creek Community Garden

Rock Creek Community Garden is located near the Rock Creek Park Police stables, near the intersection of Northampton St NW and Oregon Ave, NW.  At... Read More

Peabody Community Garden

Peabody Community Garden is an acre and a half of 84 flat, grid-laid plots each about 25′x25′.  It is located in Ward 4 at 9th... Read More

Fort Stevens Community Garden

Fort Stevens Community Garden is another of the 9 gardens under jurisdiction of the National Park Service – Rock Creek Park.  There are 50 plots,... Read More

Emery Community Garden

Emery Community Garden sits atop a hill just off Georgia Ave in Ward 4 – it sits on land held by the Emery Recreation Center... Read More

Blair Road Community Garden

Blair Road Community Garden is one of the largest community gardens in DC, clocking in at over 5 acres all together!  The garden is on... Read More

Whitehaven Community Garden

Whitehaven Community Garden is located in the middle of the woods off a trail near 40th & W Sts NW, in Ward 3.  It sits... Read More

Newark Street Community Garden

Newark Street Community Garden is one of the biggest and most clearly structured community gardens in DC, located in Ward 3 at the intersection of... Read More

Melvin Hazen Community Garden

The Melvin Hazen Community Garden is located on Sedgwick Avenue just west of Connecticut Ave NW in Ward 3 on land belonging to Rock Creek Park.... Read More

Glover-Archbald Community Garden

Glover-Archbald Community Garden is one of DC’s largest community gardens, almost 3 acres in total!  It’s situated on National Park Service land in Glover-Archbald Park,... Read More

Friendship Community Garden

The Friendship Community Garden is located across the street from the Friendship Recreation Center in Ward 3, on land owned by DC Department of Parks... Read More

Fort Reno Community Garden

The Fort Reno Community Garden has been in existence for over 30 years, and sits on National Park Service – Rock Creek Park land at... Read More

West End Community Garden

West End Community Garden has been around for about 25 years.  It is located at the back of a field near the corner at 25th... Read More

Independence Community Garden

Independence Community Garden is located in Ward 2 across from the Air and Space Museum, on a triangular-shaped piece of land bounded by 6th St... Read More

Kalorama Community Garden

Kalorama Community Garden is located in Kalorama Park, near the convergence of 19th St NW, Columbia Rd NW, and Kalorama Rd NW in Ward 1. The parkland... Read More

Common Good City Farm

Common Good City Farm is a non-profit urban farm and education center growing food for low-income residents in Washington, DC. Common Good is located in... Read More